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Making Events So You Can Create

Making Events So You Can Create

Making Events So You Can CreateMaking Events So You Can CreateMaking Events So You Can Create

About the licks...

Quote -  Louise Bourgeois @tatemodern exhibition photo - Fausta Joly

Founded by writer and creative - Fausta Joly - Joly Licks is a budding arts organisation looking to spread the word that creativity equals sanity. In this crazy mixed up world we're living in, nothing can be more encouraging than the communities we can build especially by coming together in the name of art! With work shops and Arts Festivals in the pipe line, Joly Licks aims to become the Ted Talks for making and doing - not just discussing. Being at the very early stages of development, it's up to you to share the word and ethos of a Joly Licks event so book a ticket and come along for the ride!  

Sip + Rhyme


A fantastic opportunity to hone your skills as a poet with useful tips to find inspiration all while sipping with a great group of people. Even if you haven't picked up a pen since school, you won't want to put it down after a #sipandrhyme event! We've got six events till the end of the year including a special three SCTea & Rhymes for charity so join our instagram or mailing list to get all the deets! 

The Sane Asylum

Arts night, captured by @crisitnavilanadal #thesaneasylum

We are building a platform by artists for artists. Your art is the only communication you need and with everything that's going on out there, it's about time we all got together to honour the talent within and around us. Get ready for an arts festival that will leave you wanting to pick up that pen or camera and start creating yourself! 



We're planting some seeds: check back in a few, for all your joly licks needs!


Get Involved

See an event you'd like to be a part of? want to exhibt at the sane asylum? drop us a line and let's create together!

We're constantly on the look out for creatives to colloborate with so don't be shy! 

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